As a single point of call, property owners and asset managers are able to outsource all their construction related functions to ensure that maximum benefit and utilisation are derived from their built assets.

Our project management team is on hand to provide the oversight and management of your next construction project or undertaking. We take the hassle out of implementing your project from the appointment of the contractor through to construction and final hand-over.

Project Management Services:


  • Produce project methodology & schedule of works
  • Technical review of project specifications
  • Evaluation and appointment of contractors & specialists
  • Performance management of contractors & service providers
  • Contractor liaison
  • Monthly project cost review & authorisation of payments
  • Monthly project performance review & interventions
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Project Risk Review & Mitigation
  • Contractual Management & enforcing of contractual obligations.
  • Contract negotiation

Emerging Contractors

Services specifically aimed at new entrants to the construction sector


  • Formalisation of business operation and project processes
  • Contract Management support
  • Contract administration
  • Client liaison
  • Problem-solving
  • Strategic planning
  • On-site support


More established Contractors also make use of our project management services to:


  • Provide additional resources to increase capacity or accelerate work
  • Identify and focus on project areas which need reinforcing
  • Produce a project management plan when expanding or pursuing new ventures
  • Manage entire sites or operations from start to finish

Trenchless Technology


With extensive project management experience in the field of trenchless technology, we are able to

  • Client support when evaluating the use and application of trenchless construction methods
  • Project planning and project management of trenchless construction works
  • Feasibility assessment to assist Client decision making
  • Derive trenchless construction alternatives.

Discuss your project needs with us to find out how we are able to provide certainty and ensure performance for your construction venture.